Small Dehumidifiers With Colorful Lights

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Small Dehumidifiers With Colorful Lights

These dehumidifiers work in a quiet mode in bedrooms, offices lower than 30db. It’s been tested that it works at an average output of 23W, which means only using 0.55kW after running for the whole day. When full the dehumidifier will automatically turn off and the light will turn RED, indicating the water tank needs draining.

This powerful Small Dehumidifier can cover up to 2300 cubic feet(218 sq ft) and remove up to 16oz of Water/Day.(Dehumidification works effectively above 59°F). The small dehumidifier comes in a mini size that fit any corner of your house including the closet, cabinet, kitchen, even RV. The dehumidifiers start working when humidity is more than 45%. (It will not work below 41°F).

Embedded sweet and romantic night light can be set up with your favourite color. Customize the perfect atmosphere for your bedroom and enjoy a sweet and comfortable night. 

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